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20131 U.S. 59
Humble, TX, 77338
United States


DESIAR designs, markets and distributes superior quality wooden sunglasses and optical glasses.

Bruce Trentham | Share Your Story


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Bruce Trentham | Share Your Story

Jamal Robinson

I was in L.A. driving back to my friends house and noticed a man off to the side of the road painting. Every opportunity, I love to hear someone's story. I was with a friend and asked that we turn around after we drove by him. We turned around and asked for man's name and what he was planning to paint. His name was Bruce and this was his story on this day in L.A.

"Almost all of my paintings are plein air are pastels Most are of the LA area; mountains and beaches, wilderness and urban. Some times I'll have something in mind or I might be driving and see something out of the corner of my eye. It's all out there. 180 degrees of things to paint and shadows moving with the sun. I like the tension of painting outdoors, putting an image on a piece of paper. Try to come up with an interesting composition. Add or take away objects, move things around if needed. Get the values and then push the colors, dark and light warm and cool. Try and paint the air and how the light and shadows react. I paint fast. It's like a dance. Just need to stop painting sooner rather than later. After I'm done I'll put the painting away for a week or so. Then look at it with new eyes and maybe do some minor changes. If major changes are needed I would rather do another painting. No need to beat a dead horse.