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20131 U.S. 59
Humble, TX, 77338
United States


DESIAR designs, markets and distributes superior quality wooden sunglasses and optical glasses.

Zander: Through my lens


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Zander: Through my lens

Jamal Robinson

I went to school at the University of Central Florida and since then, Florida has been apart of me. It was at UCF when I created the first pair of Desiar sunglasses in my dorm room. Things can be different when you see, feel them - Zander is one of those special things. 

His music makes me feel like I'm on vacation in the islands no matter where I am at - it's a feel good vibe, chill on a Saturday night type of feeling. Without anymore cliches, I'll get to the heart of my thoughts..

Zander is a Floridian singer and songwriter who plays guitar with passion and purpose. He is exploring tropical pop through an easy rhythm and surf guitar. Inspired by surfing the Florida coast and enjoying fiery sunsets, his music brings intense beats and rad sounds that share the love He has for “retro music and the ocean”. His latest song takes you to a summery flavor at the beach, with no worries and no place to go.

Getting his start as front man of the notable band The Crazy Carls, Zander is well known for his high-energy performances and spectacular showmanship. He has headlined venues throughout Florida and the South, as well as opening for major acts including Fall Out Boy, Dirty Heads, Weezer and The Wailers. Hitting the road is always an inspiration and Zander feels at home traveling from Huntington Beach, California, all the way up to Long Beach, New York. With a new name and a new sound, Zander has been busy in the studio recording new tracks for his fans.

Define Music to you?
Music is a powerful way of expression that allows people to go beyond language. It's expression that takes in someone's spirit and allows people to create so others can respond.

Why do you continue to push yourself? (What is your why?)
Because I love music. Only way to do something you love is do it with everything you have.

What sort of influence does your music have?
The ocean and retro music have influenced my latest songs.

How do you establish relationships with other musicians whether they are band members or new people you are collaborating with?
Networking is helpful for meeting people and making connections. Social media and touring are important for collaborations.

What’s a Zander show like?
A Zander show is high energy and a lot of fun. I like to involve the fans and make sure they have an awesome time.

Who do you surround yourself with (what type of individuals)?
People like me who are artists, love the ocean, and are open to new experiences.

What is your advice for musicians at any level, start up or already seen success?
You need to be disciplined, and love what you do. You can't take set backs personally, it's a tough business. You need to have fun whenever you can. Keep growing with your music so it doesn't become stale or ordinary.

Do you need a plan of action to be successful? If so- why?
Yes you do. You have to be flexible with it because plans don't always work out as they should. It's good to have several ideas in case the one you are hoping for doesn't work out.

Final Thoughts:
I'm hoping the fans will love the new music and follow on the journey. I'm going to give it 100% and keep it fresh!

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