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DESIAR designs, markets and distributes superior quality wooden sunglasses and optical glasses.

Yeezy Season 3: 3 Lessons learned from Kanye


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Yeezy Season 3: 3 Lessons learned from Kanye

Jamal Robinson

First, I am a Kanye fan. I believe he is one of the most creative individuals of our time.

Second, Kanye is a human being. I believe sometimes our society can put a certain aura on individuals, especially those society deems as "celebrities". I say that to say, I don't agree with everything Kanye says but I can say the same thing about my family and friends. We were not all made to agree with everything - that'd be ridiculous.

Lastly, before getting into 3 lessons learned from Ye, if you haven't checked out the show, do yourself a favor and watch it on Jay Z's TIDAL: here

L3sson 1: There is no normal with Ye

Ye launched his new line of clothing line and showcased a new album, at the same time. WHO DOES THAT besides Kanye. Let's look at a couple industry norms that make Ye different.

  • Fashion Industry norm: Runway shows are typically only 7 - 20 minutes max.
  • Music Industry norm: Album release parties are typically a) closed off to the general public or b) at a club

Ye took both industries and disrupted them with his performance and unveiling of Yeezy season 3. Ye's show lasted over 60 minutes and provided entertainment of his latest album. Not only where fashionistas, fashion critics and celebrities in the building but every day people - moms, dads and children - a sold out stadium, Madison Square Garden.

L3sson 2: Focus comes first

That's what it takes to be successful. Even though he Tweeted this - I believe he was doing this himself and for others to know where his efforts where being focused, his collection and album. Period, plain and simple - you must Focus.

L3sson 3: Naysayers don't bother Ye

You just can't care what people say about you or whatever you're doing in life and Ye doesn't. In fashion, he's always been an outsider (by industry terms) and that's what makes watching him be Kanye fun, as a fan and professional. Don't get me wrong, I don't like of all of his designs per say but I did like his collection and the story it told. I felt a natural theme that resonated and seemed consistent to Beyonce's Super Bowl 50 half-time performance. The theme was muted, not only the clothing with hints of color but the persona of every model - and Ye wanted it that way too. Long story short - skepticism comes with the territory so you might as well greet it with open arms. 

Have you watched the Kanye and Sway interview circa 2013? Watch it here  or matter of fact this interview with Jimmy Kimmel, here

Ye is human and obviously wants people to appreciate his work but he continues to progress not caring about others opinions. I believe that is a trait all leaders and those who want to be successful in any aspect of life must have.

I will listen to Life of Pablo many times over and let you know my thoughts but for now - I'll enjoy 3 of the many lessons Kanye taught us from his epic MSG preview of Yeezy season 3 and Life of Pablo.

Recap: 3 lessons learned from Kanye

There is no normal (break the rules)

Focus first

Naysayers come with the territory